350Z/G35 long tube race headers

350Z/G35 long tube race headers
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  • Item #: 835001
  • Manufacturer: PPE Engineering
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Price $1,749.97

350Z/G35 long tube, equal length race headers for RWD and AWD cars

The PPE 350Z long tube headers are designed for maximum power and midrange. Testing on a 2006 350Z showed an increase in top end power and midrange torque over shorty headers and testpipes.

Proven to make more power than any other header on the market for the 350Z.


  • Equal length tubing
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 100% TIG WELDED
  • 3/8" thick laser cut flanges
  • formed collector with spike or optional merge collector
  • Mandrel bent 16 gauge tubing
  • Porting at flanges
  • Flat sanded head flanges
  • Optional ceramic coatings
  • 1yr warranty

***For Off Road use only***

The race headers replace the stock catalytic converters.

For race classes that require cats within 6" of the stock catalytic converter, we offer a Ypipe with integrated cataytic converters.  The combination will make more power than any shorty header and high-flow cat combo!

Dyno of our long tube headers vs. Shorty headers and testpipes on the same 350Z DE.  Much more midrange power with the LTH and more top end power too.